5 Hacks for Packing Less Without Sacrificing Style

Nothing kills a carefree trip like a clunky, overstuffed suitcase. That’s why we’re big fans of packing everything in a carry-on— it saves time (and money) at the airport, and let’s be honest, you probably don’t need all the space in a full suitcase. When luggage space is at a premium, here are some tricks to help you prioritize.

Ditch your heat tools. Instead, choose a product like Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler. When you apply it and lightly rinse in the shower, it helps your hair air dry more beautifully. Translation: enhanced waves, natural body, and shine. Perfect for those vacation photos.

Less is more. That’s true for tools and liquid products. Still, you don’t have to settle for hotel shampoo. Pro tip: stores like Sephora sell trial kits made up of travel sizes at special prices (ours included). Check out their TSA-friendly skincare and hair options. We love to use travel as an excuse to turn in our VIB points to try new things.

Think one trip ahead. After you hit Sephora, keep a travel kit with all your toiletries at the ready. This includes hair and skin products, makeup, first aid necessities, and chargers (this is a great option for wrangling cords). As soon as you get back from a trip, take inventory and restock as needed.

Shoes wisely. Yes, shoes do often make the outfit—but they take up the most space in your suitcase. Our rule of thumb: bring a pair for hanging out, a pair for walking or workouts, and a dressier pair for dinners.

Wear your layers. This one has a dual benefit: planes are always frigid, plus wearing a couple of layers en route means less stuff in that suitcase.

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