7 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want Amazing Hair

Not to brag, but we’ve got healthy hair down to a science. We did the hard work (formulating healthier products) so all you have to do is break a couple of extra-harmful habits. Here’s your healthy hair plan, decoded.

Start detangling hair before you shower. Your hair is at its weakest point when wet. If you give it a good brush before you turn on the shower, your strands are less prone to breakage when they’re sopping wet.

Don’t pile your hair on your head when you shampoo. Sure, it’s fun to lather up and pile your hair high, but please stop—this actually causes more tangles, more friction, and more damage. Your scalp is where most of the dirt, oil, and other junk collect, so concentrate your efforts there and then pull shampoo down toward your ends.

Condition EVERY time you shampoo. Regardless of your hair type, this is a must. If you have fine hair, you may be tempted to skip this step, but know that fine hair is actually more prone to damage from tangles. If you’re nervous about extra weight, our Full Conditioner is a great option because it weightlessly conditions and offers great slip for detangling.

Style smarter. We aren’t advocating that you give up your flat iron in favor of healthier hair. Style however you want—just be smart about it and use products that work harder for you. Our new Restore Perfecting Spray smooths and strengthens your strands and helps your hair feel healthier no matter your routine. Spray it all over damp hair post-shower for easy, healthier detangling (because combing your hair shouldn’t hurt). It has heat (and UV) protection, too, so you’ll feel a whole lot less guilty when you pick up your flat iron or step outside.

Stop washing so much. First things first, we are NOT advocating that you skip the shower all together (not pretty)— just give your tresses a break. Over-washing perpetuates the cycle of damage of frequent washing and styling. Washing your hair less often (with the help of products like our Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo) will help break this cycle, giving you healthier hair while also saving you time. Not ready to make a huge change? Try going just one extra day between washing.

Treat yourself to a weekly deep conditioning mask. You know masks are great for helping your skin, but have you tried one for your hair? Our Restore Mask Treatment is great for all hair types and can be applied in the shower. Let it sink in for a few minutes and it will help reverse the normal damage your hair faces every week. The best part? You only need to apply once a week to see great results.

Be extra careful when sleeping on wet hair. It’s best to not sleep on wet hair (as it’s in its most vulnerable state) but if you must, sleep on a silk pillowcase and make sure to put it up in a loose braid or bun. This helps reduce the friction and damage caused when you toss and turn at night.

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