How to Save Time and Style Your Hair In the Shower (Really)

Between everything else you have going on (school drop off, workouts, early morning meetings, and the like), something as simple as washing your hair can be the most complicated part of your day. What are you supposed to do with it after if you don’t have time for a blowdry? Air drying sounds great in theory…but totally sloppy in real life.

What if you could cut some corners by styling your hair in the shower?

Our new Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler helps you do just that. It’s a first-of-its-kind product that goes on in the shower to help you air dry more beautifully.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Shampoo and condition just like you normally would. (To save even more time, use one of our shampoos and conditioners—they keep your hair cleaner, longer, which means you’ll have to wash your hair less.) Then apply In-Shower Styler to your soaking wet hair from root to tip. Rinse it lightly (you’ll want to still feel the slip of the product in your hair). When you do, the product leaves behind a smart blend of ingredients designed to help you air dry, well, perfectly. Think: softness, natural body, enhanced texture, and shine.

Best for: straight to slightly wavy hair.

Play with your texture: by scrunching your damp hair, braiding it, or putting it in a bun, like so.

Here are how two different women air dry more beautifully with the help of In-Shower Styler. On the left, you see how their hair air dries normally; in the middle, what they did with In-Shower Styler in their hair; and on the right, the final result after using In-Shower Styler.

Here are even more ideas about how to air dry differently.

The science: If you want to get all geeky (we do), here are the nuts and bolts. Hair naturally has a negative charge, so positively charged cationic resins bind to those negative sites and stay there—even when rinsed. What stays behind is exactly what you need for beautifully air dried hair (and nothing that you don’t).

More of the secret sauce: our patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE) that gives natural body, magnetic texturizers to help enhance your natural wave, and a hydrophobic resin to control flyaways and enhance shine.

Pairs well with: Full Dry Volume Blast (if you want more volume) or No Frizz Humidity Shield (if the forecast calls for frizz).

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