Must Haves for Hair Straightening

Straight hair is loved by everyone regardless of hair color, hair tone or hairstyle. We, here at GKhair have learnt that almost 78% of the females and males prefer straight hair. No matter how easy it sounds, achieving perfectly straight hair is an extremely difficult job and that’s the reason why there are endless options available when it comes to hair straightening products. Most of the women and men have to visit salons for the most effective straightening services for their hair.
Visiting a salon and have a professional apply a straightening service for you is the best way to get the most bang for your buck without having to spend endless hours at home consisting of mostly trial and error. A vital part to all salon professional straightening services is the home care to maintain the results and successfully style your hair everyday.

Hair Protection for at Home Styling 

The first step before you use any styling tool on your hair for straightening is to provide your hair with the proper protection. Using a styling cream such as the ThermalStyleHer by GKhair will help you protect your hair from the heat of any styling tools like straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers, preventing potential damage while conditioning and delivering moisture to the hair leaving you with straight gorgeous hair.

Looking for a Smooth Straight Look with Volume?

If you are looking for more volume in your hair along with good hair straightening then hair clips are the best tools. Hair clips allow you to straighten parts of your hair with precision and also let you make different styles while straightening. When flat ironing put a bend in the hair near the base to create volume in your hairstyle.

Straighteners & Flat Irons

If you love a sleek straight hairstyle then more than likely you are no stranger to a some form of straightening iron. Today with so many options it can be a tough choice but with GKhair Flat Irons you will find titanium plates that are smooth on the hair, heat up and cool down quickly for easy storing. A professional straightener will often go to very high temperatures so it is important to note the temperature and not overly heat the hair without protection. The GKhair D600 flat Iron is an ideal tool with an easily adjustable digital temperature control  that lets you select the right temperature depending on your hair styling desires.

Brushes, Combs and More

Brushes and combs are great tools to accompany your during your styling routine. The right brushes reduce friction and static in the hair and make the whole straightening process go more smoothing. We recommend these favorites from GKhair Fine Tooth Comb for precision straightening.

The Perfect Blow Out

A good Hair dryer is an essential tool hair straightening. Taking the time to blow dry your hair before styling with a flat iron will save you half the time during the flat iron process. If you are looking for volume this is also an important step to creating volume at the base of the roots before you pull out your straighteners.
However most blow-dryer’s are heavy and difficult to work with, so an ideal option would be to use GKhair’s Feather Light Blow Dryer which gives maximum power and results without weighing you down.

Bottom Line

Good Hair matters. Hairstyles not only make or break your overall look but also define your personality.

It is important that you have the essential tools for hair straightening in your hair. Remember GKhair In Salon Professional treatments will make styling 50% more manageable for up to 5 months, so whether you choose to tame your hair at home or in the salon we have solutions for you.

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